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About Ingram│Wilkinson — Hattiesburg, Mississippi Personal Injury Attorneys

At Ingram│Wilkinson in Hattiesburg, serving clients from Meridian and Tupelo to Gulfport and Jackson, Mississippi, our personal injury attorneys help victims statewide to achieve justice. Whether injured through the negligent conduct of another or wrongfully declined deserved insurance benefits, our clients rest assured knowing we work tirelessly on their behalf and will not be intimidated when dealing with insurance companies, big businesses, or major health care providers. In addition to serving personal injury victims, we litigate insurance disputes and handle claims involving business tort and contract law. Widely recognized for our courtroom prowess, we are regularly contacted by referring attorneys who recognize our ability to achieve favorable results, even in the most complex of cases. Please, take a moment to get to know Ingram│Wilkinson; if you would like for us to evaluate your claim, please contact our Hattiesburg personal injury attorneys today.

About Ingram│Wilkinson:

Firm History

Ingram│Wilkinson got its start when Carroll H. Ingram began his private practice of law in 1967.  For the first years of his practice, he was part of a Hattiesburg general litigation firm as an associate, and in 1975 he ventured out on his own to establish his own general practice law firm.  He served in the Mississippi Senate during his early years of law practice, representing his home district for two consecutive terms. It was during this time in the Mississippi Senate that he forged an alliance and business relationship with then Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Gandy, Mississippi’s first female Lieutenant Governor. Upon Governor Gandy’s completion of her formal public service years, she returned to Hattiesburg in 1980 to join Mr. Ingram’s law practice. She remained with the firm until her death on December 23, 2007.

From the time that Mr. Ingram opened his own firm in 1975, the firm steadily grew over the next several years. At one point the firm employed 17 attorneys and a large support staff. Then, in 1990, Mr. Ingram had an opportunity to pursue groundbreaking telecommunications work in Central and Eastern Europe, specifically Budapest, Hungary. Upon completion of his work in Europe in 1994, he reorganized his law practice to handle major civil litigation in association with attorneys from across the nation. The goal of this association was to bring the skills and resources of other lawyers and firms to the legal team for the benefit of the client. In 1998 after Jennifer Ingram Wilkinson earned her Juris Doctorate Degree in Louisville, Kentucky, she returned to Mississippi to join Mr. Ingram’s practice, and the Ingram│Wilkinson partnership was born.

Today Ingram│Wilkinson is a civil litigation firm mostly limited to prosecuting major litigation claims in various fields of the law, such as catastrophic personal injury, medical negligence, pharmaceutical injury litigation, fraud, maritime, and business destruction. Ingram│Wilkinson is a Martindale Hubble AV rated firm, and enjoys a respected reputation among the members of the Mississippi Bar, American Bar, and the Federal and State Judiciary.

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Our Philosophy

At Ingram│Wilkinson, our personal injury attorneys offer professional, trustworthy legal representation to clients across Mississippi. We practice with the highest standard of professional integrity, thoroughly investigating the merits of each case and presenting them in an organized and effective manner. We believe in a full service, hands-on approach to legal services and treat each and every client with the utmost respect.

Our personal injury attorneys believe that the handling of every case is a partnership with our clients, and we make a great effort to ensure that our clients are fully informed about any progress we make. We strive for an unparalleled level of individual attention. Through our commitment, experience, innovation, knowledge, and firm resources, our personal injury attorneys level the playing field for our clients.

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Our Practice Areas

At Ingram│Wilkinson in Hattiesburg, our experienced personal injury attorneys provide innovative and aggressive legal representation to victims of the following types of cases:

  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Auto Accident
  • Trucking Accident
  • Medical Negligence
  • Birth Injury
  • Offshore Injury
  • Product Liability
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Business Tort
  • Contract Law
  • Pharmaceutical Injury
  • Hurricane / Windstorm / Flood Insurance Litigation

If you have a case that is not listed here, please contact the trial lawyers at Ingram│Wilkinson. If our Gulfport, Hattiesburg, and Jackson, Mississippi-area personal injury attorneys do not have the specialized knowledge to best represent you, we will recommend you to a trusted associate who does.

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The Litigation Process

Starting a Lawsuit: Filing Papers — The first step in filing a lawsuit begins with a case consultation and evaluation with our personal injury attorneys, after which our firm will file the necessary paperwork in court. These pleadings include the complaint (or petition) which outlines the victim’s case against the defendant. A summons is then issued to the defendant, who is required to submit an answer. Our personal injury attorneys ensure that these complicated papers comply with all legal requirements, are correctly completed, and all deadlines are met.

Discovery: Fact finding and Investigation — During this methodical process, our personal injury attorneys will gather relevant information to support your lawsuit. This essential stage in the litigation process is where many claims are won or lost. At the firm of Ingram│Wilkinson, our personal injury attorneys meticulously research each client’s claim and prepare extensively for every case.

Resolution before Trial: Settlements — Many personal injury claims are resolved before ever reaching a courtroom through a negotiated settlement among the parties involved. In such settlements, the defendant agrees to compensate the victim for damages; in return, the plaintiff agrees to abandon any further legal action. Our personal injury attorneys carefully weigh the pros and cons of any settlement with the client and will advise the best course of action.

Trial — If a settlement cannot be reached, our personal injury attorneys will take your claim to trial. We will represent your case and allow a judge and/or jury to determine whether the defendant is liable for the injury, and therefore responsible for any losses you incurred as a result. If successful, the initial litigation process is complete upon payment of the judgment, unless the defendant appeals the verdict. If the verdict is appealed, our attorneys will be happy to discuss options with you concerning representation at the appellate level.

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Contact Our Gulfport and Jackson, Mississippi-area Personal Injury Attorneys

Most of our fees are contingent upon obtaining compensation on the client's behalf, which means, If we do not obtain a favorable verdict or settlement, we will not charge legal fees. Consultations with prospective clients or their attorneys are offered free of charge. If we take your case, we will handle all the investigations necessary, at no cost to you. If you would like our personal injury lawyers to evaluate your claim, contact our Hattiesburg office. Serving Hattiesburg, Jackson, Tupelo, Gulfport, and all of Mississippi, our personal injury attorneys can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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