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INGRAM Attorneys is recognized in the legal profession as a law firm genuinely dedicated and committed to protecting the rights and serving the legal interests of our clients.  Since 1967, based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, we have served the legal interests of our clients throughout Mississippi and beyond.

We are a general practice and mediation services law firm.  Our primary focus involves matters of dispute resolution, personal injury, medical negligence, family law and domestic relations and business disputes.

Our experience gained over the years is a great source of pride and fulfillment.  Representing and giving counsel to clients in matters arising from injury, wrongful death, business, insurance claims, divorce and family relations is the substance of our law practice.  Regardless of your legal question or issue, we want the opportunity to serve your best interests.  At INGRAM Attorneys we feel confident that our advice and counsel will address your legal matters with the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and success.